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Oakland Frontline Healers members work collaboratively within their specific
wheelhouse of knowledge to elicit peace in the hearts, homes and streets of Oakland
citizens. We support Black Families affected by violence with healing circles,
workshops, funeral and repast support, and abate human trafficking by offering
alternatives to victims of human trafficking, advocating for legislative laws that will
support ridding the City of trafficking, ghost guns and other harming elements that
suppress human achievement ie homelessness, lack of mental health services and
lack of job opportunities.

We serve hard-to-reach and neglected populations such as
the recently incarcerated/recently released, homeless population (African Americans
account for 73% of the unsheltered in Oakland) and youth.

Adamika Village's stopkillingourkidsmovement addresses gun violence by
intervention, supporting victims of gun violence, domestic violence and human
trafficking. Adamika Town Nights, Peace in the Streets, Somebody Died Here, and
Somebody Needs to care are a few of the events led by Adamika to decrease
violence in Oakland.

Love Never Fails addresses the physical and psychological violence perpetuated by
human trafficking by offering safe passage from the streets, resources, job training
and housing for survivors of human trafficking.

Realized Potential offers workshops to train men and boys how to develop healthy
relationships and be loving fathers.

Men of Influence’s Credible Messengers patrol hotspots and Oakland streets daily to
offer intervention to violence. In 2022, Oakland experienced a 12% decrease in violence

Other OFH members who offer healthy fun activities, food, counseling, immigration
support, homeless support, housing and other essential needs, while not on the
frontline of violence prevention contribute to its decrease.

Black Mental Health Initiative
Oakland Frontline Healers has partnered with the East Bay Association of Black
Psychologists and Alameda County Behavioral Health to create two Havens for Black
Healing, one in West Oakland at True Vine Ministries and the other in East Oakland
at BOSS. The purpose of the Havens for Black Healing is to offer no to low-cost
culturally congruent mental health services to Alameda County African American


Oakland Frontline Healers holistically and comprehensively address the COVID-19 pandemic.
Vaccines, testing can be obtained at OFH members locations.

ROOTS Community Health Center
9925 International Blvd
Oakland, CA 94603

Or Contact

Umoja Health at 888-763-0007 or
Food, Housing, Mental Health and other resources can be obtained from the
following OFH members



April 2020 nineteen Black non-profits and four medical doctors bonded to form Oakland Frontline Healers.

Umoja Health, led by the illustrious Dr. Kim Rhoads, from San Francisco University, developed
p0p-ups and took testing, then the vaccines and boosters to the hard-to reach community staging
pop-ups and vaccination events throughout Oakland and the San Francisco Bay Area. Umoja
Health was conceived by and out of the UCSF Helen Diller Family Comprehensive Cancer
Center’s (HDFCCC) Community Advisory Board (CAB).  The CAB was formed in 2005 and is
one of the country’s oldest cancer center CABs. The CAB’s ability to link UCSF to the Alameda
County Public Health Department (ACPHD), The Brotherhood of Elders Network, The Oakland
Frontline Healers and Roots Community Health Center accelerated the development of the

Umoja Health:


ROOTS, led by Dr. Noha Aboleta, ROOTS considers themselves true advocates for the
community. They believe that the care people receive should always be dignified and humane.
They also believe that their services should be easily accessible and should be coordinated by a
physician-led team. As Roots grows and builds support, their suite of services will grow as well.
ROOTS looks forward to continuing to heal the Oakland community from within.
ROOTS has been on the frontline of COVID-19 defense since day one. ROOTS is located at
9925 International Blvd. 94603. Monday and Friday from 9:30 am – 2:30 pm.
The testing site is located in the parking lot. Registration information can be found here

ROOTS Community Health Center:

True Vine Ministries & Dr. Donna Carey: Dr. Donna White Carey is revolutionizing the way
we think about health. Her mission is to build a Generational Health Network with the goal
to end the cycle of premature death in the Black community and across the Diaspora.
Affectionately known as “Dr. Donna,” she is a global health ambassador and has served on
international missions to Zimbabwe, Botswana and Haiti. She is a dynamic public speaker
and is regularly invited to lecture at churches, schools, corporations and community events. 
Dr. Donna is currently the Medical Director of Case Management at Alameda Alliance for
Health. She served as the first African-American Chief of the Division of Pediatrics at
Alameda Health System and then became the first Chair of their Department of Pediatrics. 
As Chair, she initiated Pediatric Grand Rounds and developed a Safe Sleep Program that
was the cover story of Oakland and Alameda magazines in October 2019.

Talking With Dr. Donna:

The James A. Watson Wellness Center is an African-American health care center focusing on
disparities in disease within the African-American community. This 54-year old, 12,000 square
foot facility houses a pharmacy, lab, and clinics for women, children, men, re-entry and seniors.
The Center continues to focus on those who are professionals, working class, those with busy
schedules, those who have low income, uninsured (Medi-Cal, indigent), seniors (Medicare
population) and those with chronic disease (hypertension, diabetes, cancer, cardiac disease,
HIV). Through its provider of medical services (PCN), 501 (c)(3) (PCP), volunteerism, and limited
grant funding, the facility maintains its commitment to those at greatest need. Four providers,
Dr. Marcia Redwood, Dr. Tyrone Snipes, Omar Staples, P.A. and Dr. Geoffrey Watson, have
made it possible to provide high quality care on same day/walk-in bases or scheduled
appointments when convenient.

Health Beat with Dr. Geoffrey Watson:


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