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Alameda County Fremont High School Vaccination POD


Good news!

Oakland Frontline Healers are able to help & assist our community members register for a COVID-19 vaccination appointment at the Alameda County Fremont High School Vaccination POD in East Oakland.

To qualify for Oakland Frontline Healer's support, you are REQUIRED to meet the following criteria:

Live in one of the following ZIP codes:

94601, 94603, 94606, 94607 and 94621


Meet one of the following requirements:

Work in food-related jobs

(restaurants, grocery stores, food delivery, agriculture),

Provide childcare,

Are community health workers,

Are emergency service workers,

Or Are 65 years old or older,

Fremont High School will again host the vaccination POD site

THIS Thursday, Friday & Saturday from 8 AM to 4 PM

The County’s Community Vaccination POD site at Fremont High launched successfully last week. The Fremont High POD is intended to serve our communities that have been hardest hit by COVID and its impacts, including individuals from ZIP codes 94601, 94603, 94606, 94607 and 94621. Eligible individuals who live in those ZIP codes AND are work in one of the eligible tiers has the opportunity to get vaccinated.

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