Peace parade planned for Sunday in Oakland neighborhoods suffering from gun violence


by Jacob Simas (October 29, 2020)

A peace parade is planned for Sunday, Nov. 1, on 98th Avenue and International Boulevard in response to increased gun violence this year in Oakland. The event, which involves dozens of local organizations, will serve as the kickoff for a yearlong grassroots campaign to reduce violence in Black communities in East Oakland and across the city. 

Lead organizers from the groups co-hosting Sunday’s action, Adamika Village and the Oakland Violence Prevention Coalition, are calling on Oakland residents to commit to a citywide truce. 

“The whole purpose of the parade is to make a mighty noise and let the community know that we are here, and we’re demanding peace in the streets,” said Tanya Dennis, board chair of Adamika Village and the director of media and communications at Oakland Frontline Healers, a coalition group that is also supporting the event.

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