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Roots Virtual Community Forum - Friday, December 11 (3-5 PM)

Stay Ready for School will be hosting a Virtual Community Forum (VCF) on Friday, December 11 from 3-5 PM!

This VCF is a virtual space created to connect Parents and Caregivers with their Parenting-Peers and Subject Matter Experts. During the VCF Parents will have the chance to ask questions and learn new ways to navigate our newly normalized ways of balancing life, distance learning while supporting the Mental Wellness of our children.

We have AMAZING Panelists leading the conversation: Dr. Patricia Nunley and Dr. Tony Jackson.

The apropos theme for the VCF is:Are the Children Okay?” Impact of Distance Learning/Pandemic Living and the Mental Wellness of African American children & their Caregivers.

Join the conversation!

Be sure to share this event with folks you care about...and check out the Virtual Community Forum, will be empowering for you and your children!

Please share this amazing event with your Families and Networks!

Register in advance to secure your spot:

Zoom Registration Link

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