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SPEAK UP! Youth Conference [11/17/2020]: Addressing COVID Safety & Awareness

Last night we held our first SPEAK UP! Youth Conference [11/17/2020]: Addressing COVID Safety & Awareness.

We are so proud of our students who participated including:

  1. Jonathan Piper II, Chabot College (host)

  2. Chloe Armstead, Oakland Tech

  3. Aisha Elbgal, Evision Academy

  4. Liana Parish, Bishop O’Dowd

  5. Sariyah Shabazz, Bishop O’Dowd

  6. Cho Caulker, Oakland High

  7. Chuyi Fang, UC Davis

  8. Jermyiah Patterson Bell, Oakland High

The event featured videos, music, poetry, interviews, and more! Presented by @OFH510 Also, youth led conversations around topics including: - The challenges of online learning

- Mental health during COVID-19 - Youth ideas about how to return to school safely - Youth recommendations to adult listeners - An a special "State of the Youth" Address




Also, BIG THANK YOU to our production team:

  1. Derek Pyle, Vision Quilt

  2. Tanya Dennis, Adamika Village

  3. Marcus Harris, OFH Coordinator

  4. Cathy DeForest, Vision Quilt:

  5. Yvonna Cazares, City of Oakland

  6. Jacob Miller, City of Oakland

  7. Lemel Nears, Melle Mel Services

  8. Camille Cypher, City of Oakland

And, a special thank you to the City of Oakland for their support as well!

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